I am a multi-disciplined creative visionary, collaborating with considerate brands to speak to the conscious-minded individual who has a love for taking exquisite care of themselves & the space around them. I have been standing behind a lens for a better part of 8 years, capturing the creative & the candid moments of my journey in conscious & minimalistic living.

A creative, minimalist, & conscious-minded

Hey there, I'm KAT.

is full of nostalgic scenes that are an ode to mindfulness. These in-the-moment captures are a self-expression of me and what I love unapologetically: self-care rituals, meditative spaces, simple nourishment. Because, I believe that in order to show up as our most aligned self, we must  be able to find the moments of slow that rejuvenates us. 

Part of my mission is to not only allow my work, my thoughts, my life to be a muse for conscious living, but to also leaving space for imagination, as well as inspiration, that allows for my community to naturally embrace the possibility of experiencing these beautiful moments for themselves. 

My work, my thoughts, my life...

"I am dancing intricately between the realms creative & candid"

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a few of my favorite things.

Flow by o

Kat was AMAZING. Every step of the way! She provided me with beautiful imagery for my brand! She was very reliable and provided everything even before the deadline!

"Kat was AMAZING. Every step of the way!"

Hello Adorn

...and as a result, thoroughly embodied our vibe in the imagery and videos she created. She generated a professional and polished result that we will use for numerous ads and social placements in the future! Kat was pleasant to work with and extremely prompt with her delivery of images. Our team looks forward to working with her in the future!

"Kat went above and beyond to understand our brand aesthetic"


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