My 2021 Morning Routine

August 17, 2020

I do not believe in Power Mornings. This is the method of waking up & getting everything done before breakfast, which puts the attention on the to-do list & takes it away from caring for yourself. And as someone who struggles with staying mindful throughout the day, I protect my mornings at all costs.

I like to keep things simple & straightforward when it comes to setting up a morning routine. Because, if things seem overcomplicated I won’t do it. Also, I have made my morning routine so it has a nice flow to it. Everything up until making my breakfast takes place in my room, and I have a designated space for each step. I literally lay everything out for myself, so if I can do this you can too.

Because, once I am sitting at the breakfast table eating my oat bowl & planning my day, I have already got moving, cared for my skin, supported my internal well-being, and protected my mental clarity. So, no matter how the rest of my day turns out, I know that I have at least given myself the time & space to be intentional.

When crafting your unique self-care centered morning routine ask yourself what you need, then and visualize how that looks. Here is how it looks for me…



My Morning Routine

Wake Up Screen-Free

Play Music & Open Windows

Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize, Etc.

Drink Water & Take Daily Supplements

Workout & Do Breath Work

Make a Filling, Healthy Breakfast

Set Intentions

Now, I know that what I like to do in the morning may not work for you & that is okay. I am not pushing you to follow this exactly, instead I am sharing my routine to simply show that its okay to not always have to start your day crazy motivated. That is truly the most magical thing about my routine, I can do it on any kind of day and still reap all the benefits of self-care.


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