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April 5, 2021

Taking care of my hair is a very personal practice. Because, it has been a form of self-love to help me regain my confidence in embracing my natural hair. Growing up, I wore my hair up 80% of the time, and the other 20% it was down, but styled. Looking back, I wish I could tell past me to embrace her curls. Because now I am getting it back to health after years of heat styling & hair ties.

I have dealt with every hair ailment in the book: thinning, breakage, dullness, dandruff, split ends, you name it. So, when I say that I am very particular about what I use on my hair, I mean it. I have done so much research behind the best products and practices that promote the most shine, growth, and balance. All to give me my hair back.

You may know that I am passionate about using only non-toxic beauty products if you have been following me for awhile. This change in lifestyle all happened after I was dealing with hormonal imbalances. So, I became more conscious of what I was putting in my body & on my body. Seeing the change has been slow rolling (because I am not perfect), but the past year I have become so intuitive to what my body is telling me.

One thing I have noticed is that the scalp determines the health of your hair. Also, things like products, pollution, stress can upset your hair’s balance. So, as a form of haircare, I have been paying more attention to my inner well-being more than anything. I used to think washing my hair more or spraying my strands with product will do the trick but it literally goes down to the roots.

So, this is not your ordinary haircare roundup. It is non-overwhelmingly full of products. Because, more is not always better. What is better, is using fewer, but more effective products that get the job done. Also, it goes beyond the shower to get your hair back in balance & looking better than ever. Past me would never been caught rocking my natural hair, but here I am & I hope you join me.


Playa California Salt Shampoo

Every time I use this product, I wonder why I never cleansed my hair sooner. I guess weekly cleansing seemed pointless if I already wash it, but you don’t realize how much build-up your shampoo leaves until you cleanse. It does not even matter how good your shampoo is, your hair will feel so amazingly revived after just one use. What I love most, is the salt crystals that really give your scalp a good scrub & the tea tree oil that wicks away build-up. Your eyes will water from the strong aromas, but get through it. I promise it is worth it.

Playa Ritual Hair Oil

This hair oil gets my hair back in shape. I love using it in the morning to tame frizz & protect my hair from UV damage, then in the evening to put moisture back. This is also my secret weapon after I shower to have my hair dry frizz-free with soft curls. Unlike most hair oils that just sit on top of my hair, leaving it greasy, Playa’s Ritual Hair Oil is actually absorbed giving my hair a healthy shine. It also has vitamin E, K, and healthy antioxidants for rebuilding strands. Some say the smell is a turnoff, but I have no problem with it at all.

Vivi Naturals CB-Detox Serum

Honestly, the most amazing root serum I have ever used. It works hard to soothe, detoxify and protect against harmful environmental stressors and pollutants that cause dandruff, irritation and hair loss. I massage it into my roots every night & it leaves no trace. After just a few months of using Vivi Naturals CB-Detox Serum, I noticed that my hair grew faster and look shinier. Not to mention, I am catching less strands in the shower- thank goodness.

The Daily CBD Soft-Gels by Prima

I noticed that stress affects my hair just like my skin, so I choose to take CBD every morning. Personally, I cannot get past the taste of CBD from taking straight out of a dropper. Also, I have a hard time wanting to add in to my morning coffee. So, the easiest & most effective way for me to get ahead of stress is by Prima’s soft-gels. This may not be the most conventional form of haircare, but for me I have noticed it actually helps- because it is all connected. “Internal health leads to external beauty, and you attain it by attending to what you put into and onto yourself.” Shelly Marshall

Well, that is all! I told you it was straight to the point, but covers all the bases. As I am always learning more about haircare & revamping routines, I will be keeping up with this series. Because, I feel like our skin gets so much attention. And as a recovering hairstyling addict, I will also be sharing my journey of embracing my natural hair & just letting it do its thing.




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