Trendy Raspberry Matcha Latte Recipe

April 6, 2021

Off of the ‘gram, I am bit of a foodie. I just don’t share it as much, but this was something I just couldn’t keep to myself. I finally got around to trying the trendy Raspberry Matcha Latte that is popping up everywhere, and I seriously was not ready for how good it was.

IMO it is the drink of Spring 2021.

Making it was also super simple! For the Raspberry Milk, all I did was blend a handful of raspberries in almond milk until smooth! Then, I topped it off with my favorite Vanilla Plant Milk from Ripple, this is totally optional. I adds some *substance* to the latte making it a great midday boost.

This was my first TikTok recipe & a complete success. It was gone in like 5 minutes (maybe less), and now that I know how easy it is to make naturally flavored plant milks, I will definitely be a little more adventurous with my daily Matcha lattes.




1/2 Plant Milk, Handful of Raspberries, 3/4 Cup of Ripple Unsweetened Vanilla Plant Protein Milk (optional), 1 Tsp of Matcha, 1/4 Cup of Water, Ice

1- Blend the raspberries & 1/2 of plant milk

2- Mix your matcha & water

3- (for aesthetics ◡̈ ) Pour your matcha over the ice, followed by the raspberry milk, and top it off with your Ripple




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