I am a multi-disciplined creative, collaborating with considerate brands to speak to the conscious-minded individual who has a love for taking exquisite care of themselves & the space around them. I have been standing behind a lens for a better part of 8 years, capturing the creative & the candid moments of my journey in conscious & minimalistic living.

Which all began from a simple promise I had to clean up my lifestyle for the planet. Soon, these simple habit changes & product swaps started to make a positive impact on not just the earth, but also my wellness. I have been documenting this journey of mine since 2018 under the mantra of "Live to Thrive". While, I no longer create under this title, I still live by it. 

Hey there, I'm KAT.

My work is a curation of in-the-moment captures that are a self-expression of me and what I love unapologetically: wellness rituals, meditative spaces, simple nourishment. Because, I believe that in order to show up as our most aligned self, we must  be able to find the moments of slow that rejuvenates us. 

Part of my mission is to not only allow my work, my thoughts, my life to be a muse for clean + mindful living, but to also leave space for imagination, as well as inspiration, to allow my community to naturally embrace the possibility of experiencing these beautiful moments for themselves. 

my relationship with AUTHENTICity & Good vibes

because, time spent taking care of yourself is never wasted.

promoting conscious well-being


to support brands who are paving the way towards an elevated sense of living.

shopping small & INDEPENDENTLY OWNED


allows for me to get the products I love sustainably.



to encourage accountability in the rapidly growing wellness & beauty industries. 

looking for cruelty-free & clean certifications


so my passion for taking care of myself does not contribute to landfills.



 means allowing nature to do its job.

using ORGANIC & non-toxic INGREDIENTS


My Values for living mindfully & sustainably 

exploring new clean beauty products


setting up outdoors PICNICS

playing behind the lens (sometimes in front too)

relaxing with essential oils

Homemade cuppa

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a few of my favorite things.


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